Volume 4:  

The Main Line’s More of a

Neighborhood than Most People Think

North Wayne Avenue has 7 restaurants and shops of all kinds.
At the northern border of Delaware County there is about 1-1/2 miles along
Lancaster Avenue that is included in what is known with “clenched teeth” as the Main Line – from Haverford to Strafford.

Wide lawns, large homes, a few colleges and several private schools are contained within the popula

So we decided to take a tour off the area  and get a sense of how the “rich folk” live. Our first stop was the Village of Wayne, a ½ mile stretch of stores, spas, eateries, churches, and shops that could be more inviting if Lancaster Avenue wasn’t so wide. There's a French pastry shop, Aux Petit Delices that also offers home meade candies, Wayne Sporting Goods, food shops and Blue Mercury, one of many spas in the area. 

North Wayne Avenue is more tourist friendly, so we had our choice of restaurants for lunch, most with outdoor dining. Walking north past Wayne Jewelers and Pat's Barber Shop, we came upon “Matador” a Tapas style restaurant and bar, and a youthful Christopher's,Teresa’s Cafe, Kids and Kribs and a wonderfulk old fashioned bookstore, The Reader's Forum. At the corner we found The Great American Pub, a great bar/restaurant for burgers, hot roast beef sandwiches and sports. Noisy, yes, but family oriented at a good price.

Wayne has a great “small town” atmosphere, but what makes it different? We went on a search

5 "Must Do" Things When Visiting Wayne
Vera Bradley Painting with a Purpose Event!

Painting with a Twist

A little bit of paint. A little bit of wine. A whole lot of fun!
 “I've been here twice with both a large group of girls. The instructors have been super friendly, helpful, and entertaining both times. Studio is clean and pretty big. The only downside is that it can all feel a bit rushed if you are there to also socialize with your friends. It's $35 per person which I think is a reasonable price."

Siv M. – from Wayne

Wow! Painting with a Twist is a BYOB art studio. It is a great place to have fun with your friends, meet new friends, relax and discover your inner artist. No painting experience necessary.

And what a kick it is! Bring a friend or two or ten, a snack and your favorite wine, beer, soda, etc... you get the idea!  PWAT supplies everything you need to complete your masterpiece...even along with napkins, corkscrews and ice buckets. You just bring snacks,food and your beverage of choice. And when you leave, you leave with your very own painting.

The Wayne location of this popular franchise offers parties for any sort of private occasion: birthday parties, showers, fundraisers, retirement parties......

You can make reservation, or a reserve space for a party at paintingwithatwist.com/wayne

2. Chanticleer Garden

A hidden treasure with a BIG payoff

“You won't believe how very special this is until you visit. It is absolutely exceptional.
Chanticleer Gardens, South Wayne
Everything is very natural and yet it's immaculate. The colors change with the seasons, of course, but from Spring to Fall there is always something new to see.

“It has none of the ‘amusement park’ or ‘fun house’ kinds of
attractions, just the very best horticultural design and well cared for trees, shrubs,bulbs, grasses, annuals, etc - you name it.”

Henry T 786 – 

Here’s a glimpse of the Old Main Line that you’re sure to enjoy.  South of Lancaster Avenue, this garden is a treasure, and well worth an excursion from any where in the Philly area. Dating from the hey day of the early 20th century and right across the street from a portion of the old Ardrossan property, Chanticleer ‘s beauty is in its simplicity and the “details”. The house was built in 1913 as a country retreat for Adolph Rosengarten  and his family. Rosengarten ran a pharmaceutical firm that would become Merck and Company in the 1920s. He expanded the house in 1924, converting the house to a full time residence.

Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America. The garden is a study of textures and forms, where foliage trumps flowers, the gardeners lead the design, and even the drinking fountains are sculptural. It is a garden of pleasure and learning, relaxing yet filled with ideas to take home. Most of the flora and garden seen today have occurred since the owners death in 1990.

Chanticleer is open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The garden is also open on Friday evenings until 8:00 p.m. from May through Labor Day. The 2014 season begins on April 2nd and ends on November 2nd.

Church Road Wayne, PA 19087

3. Wayne Hotel 
Where are we…and what’s the date today? The year?
Wayne Hotel, built in 1906

“This hotel has got all, right from the bright complimentary continental breakfast to beautiful large rooms...You can't ever go wrong on choosing this hotel for your stay! From cleanliness to welcoming staff this hotel has everything to offer.”

Zack Z. – Braintree, MA

Originally named The Waynewood Hotel, the Wayne Hotel reminds visitors of the elegance of days past on the Old Main Line. Located on Lancaster Avenue, just a parking lot away from the train station, The Wayne  Hotel has been restored to the beauty of its hey day in the early twenties. Enjoy a lunch on the porch or in the bar, or dinner in the completely renovated restaurant, Paramour. There’s a comfortable and updated Victorian parlor and contemporary guests room and suites with all of the modern amenities.

It seems like anyone, who’s anyone, who has a reason to come to this area has stayed here including Tiger Woods, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Nicklaus, Stanley Tucci and M. Night Shyamalan. Even if you’re from the area, it’s a great getaway. My wife and I have had several dinners on the porch, and many times just stop by for an after dinner drink in the bar. 

Like going on vacation…right next door!

Wayne Hotel
139 East Lancaster Avenue,
Wayne, PA, 19087

4. Anthony Wayne Theatre
Morocco on Main Street....Movies from Family Fare to Indys

“After the Show” by George H. Rothacker
The Anthony Wayne Theatre circa, 1936
“Clearview Cinemas are great because they tend to lean toward the higher end independent films. therefore
it's selection tends to offer up a little bit of something for everybody.

“(The Anthony Wayne) is definitely not your your traditional Hollywood theater, so don't expect a huge blockbuster spot with wall to wall THX sound, but expect a good time at the movies for a better price (bring your student I.D.), and with a more stimulating film.”

The Anthony Wayne Theatre, located on Lancaster Avenue, just west of North Wayne Avenue opened in 1928 with movie “Old San Francisco.” When entering, a mirrored entrance led to a spacious foyer with matching artificial fountains on each side. There was a goldfish pond in a lobby alcove decorated by a tile mosaic. The auditorium opened with 1600 seats and a pipe organ.

Today the façade designed by William Harold Lee remains much the same (except for the marquee), while the interior has been segmented up into 6 auditoreums. Details from the original theatre are exposed and visible throughout the catacomb of seating areas that range from tiny to small.

The Anthony Wayne is truly a neighborhood theatre and shows a variety of movies ranging from children and action films through “indys.”

After the show, go next door to the Gryphon Café for a cup of “joe”. Gryphon is only one of 8 cafés in the Wayne area, along with scads of restaurants and bars of all types.

Anthony Wayne Theatre
109 West Lancaster Avenue,
Wayne, PA 19087


5. Historic North Wayne
Where's the Fonz, Beaver and Donna Reed?

“I’ve painted many of the homes
Cozy Cove
in North Wayne, and love the experience. Whether “plein air,” or in my studio, the homes, though often similar in style, are totally enchanting and individual… in color, updates and landscaping. Reminds me of my childhood. I even painted a “Good Humor” ice cream truck in one painting. It belongs there.”

George R. – Villanova, PA

 One of the most unusual features of North Wayne is the stylistic coherence of groups of buildings. On most blocks, the houses on both sides of the street were constructed during the same decade and are similar in style, materials and size. Several styles of homes were built by Wendell and Smith from plans provided by a number of Philadelphia architects and used local stone, wood shingles and dormers.

Today, North Wayne district maintains a very high degree of integrity with few intrusions. The original development plan, spatial relations, street furniture, lot sizes, land and dwelling uses have been preserved. The primary structures are well maintained and retain their original design and materials.

Visiting North Wayne is like a trip through our country’s past. Wide front lawns and board fences provide a passing visitor with a panorama of America as it once was. In North Wayne, it still is…children on bike’s and people trimming hedges. At Christmas, houses are tastefully decorated with wreaths and bows and candles in the windows. There is a charm unmatched in Delaware
County, and unparalleled almost anywhere.